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New Review from Uber Rock

Speedbilly – ‘Hold Our Beers And Watch This’

Whatever the fuck happened to Saturday night television? I mean, it used to be fucking awesome. ‘The Dukes Of Hazard’. ‘Wonder Woman’. ‘Starsky And Hutch’. ‘The A Team’. ‘The Billion Dollar Man’. Appetisers for ‘Convoy’ or ‘Smokey And The Bandit’ as the feature movie. Those were the days. Piles of shite, each and every single one of them. But the sort of shite you enjoyed rolling in and coming up smiling afterwards. It’s the sort of shite that the three guys from Minneapolis who make up Speedbilly grew up on, and the mainstream counter-culture that they reflect on this, their hysterically awesome debut EP.

Another thing you can’t help but love about Messrs Jimmy Allen Moore (fuck, that definitely is a good ol’ boy name right there), Jody Kimmell and John Stegner: their previous pedigrees include bands who revelled in names such as The Scrods, The Panty Huffers, Vasoline Alley, ‘Jehovah’s Shitlist. Yep, these boys don’t take things too seriously – apart, that is, from the riffs they lay down. While the emphasis is very much on having fun (such as on the totally anarchic ‘The General Lee’), these boys can also deliver some serious rawk ‘n’ roll guaranteed to get even the most staid of parties started. Luv it!

‘Hold Our Beers And Watch This’ is out now.

New Review from Upstarter

Hi there. My name is Jerry. I’ll be your server today. Let me tell you about today’s special. Well, let’s see, it appears that we’re all out of everything except some, best I can tell, punkabilly dirt-rock, courtesy of Minneapolis’ own Speedbilly.

“Hold Our Beers and Watch This” is a gut stomping 4 song EP, loaded up with country twang, piss, and vinegar. The sounds is reminiscent of Zeke, Hank III, The Meatmen, and a bit of 1984 era Van Halen. The tracks extol the virtues of the 440 Magnum powered 1969 Dodge Charger, better known as The General Lee, What I can assume is a bad ass run at the tractor pull, and the dirty trick demolition derby maneuver known as the Malachi Crunch, among other things. (Not to be confused with “The Malachi Crunch” by NOFX)

The limited sampling of material is fun. I get the impression that these boys would put on a hella fine show, after a 12 pack, in a dirt patch, in the middle of the woods, from the back of a pickup truck.

Jerry Actually

Review from BabySue

Speedbilly - Hold Our Beers and Watch This (Independently released CD EP, Rock/pop)
Loud and aggressive rip-roaring guitar rock with balls and attitude. The three guys in Minneapolis, Minnesota's Speedbilly were influenced in their youth by movies like The Dukes of Hazzard, Convoy, Smokey and the Bandit, and stunts performed by daredevil artist Evil Knievel. These days Jimmy Allen, John Stegner, and Jody Kimmell are channeling their ideas and energy into high octane guitar rock, played with precision and focus. This is a short EP just over ten minutes long, but in that amount of time these guys immediately prove they've got what it takes to deliver the goods. Four cool hard rockers: "The General Lee," "Full Pull," "Malachi Crunch," and "Maximum Destruction."

This is Our Story and We're Sticking With It

Speedbilly was formed about a year ago in Minneapolis by three guys who grew up in the 70s and 80s watching TV shows and movies like the Dukes of Hazzard, Convoy, and Smokey and the Bandit. They would see daredevils like Evel Knievel jumping over buses, fountains, and pools of sharks, and when warned not to try the stunts at home, that’s all they needed. They ran out and jumped rickety ramps on their mini bikes. There were some injuries, but bones heal and chicks dig scars.

Eventually the three would get into rock n’ roll and find themselves in Minneapolis, MN. After playing in a few bands around town like the Scrods, Flesh Drive, and the Panty Huffers, bassist / vocalist Jimmy Allen Moore met ex Moral Crux drummer Jody Kimmell while playing for a short time in Trim Reaper. After going through a few drummer changes, Jimmy would ask Jody to join his latest project, the Filthy Cheaters. Things were going pretty well, but one thing was missing, a guitar player that would not only play outside of the box, but set it on fire and drink a bottle of cheap liquor while watching it burn.

That’s when John Stegner, who has played with Sci-fi Western, the Vibro Champs, Vasoline Alley, and Jehovah’s Shitlist joined and the lineup was complete. With a new lineup and a new sound, and some new tracks recorded, a new name was needed and Speedbilly was born. Like an American muscle car from the late 60s – the early 70s, Speedbilly was built for two things, to be fast and loud.

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